A multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary team to help assist you in the preparation and management of your complex situations. Coming from different professions and shaped by diverse experiences, they have three points in common:
They are among the best in their field and don’t need to prove it anymore. They come from high-intensity jobs where trust is non-negotiable. They are driven by a desire to share their know-how and their extraordinary experiences. The team will be able to bring you its experience in conferences, training courses or an individual or group coaching mission either on the agency’s site or in any other place of your choice.
Each agency expert brings all their energy and strength of conviction to accomplishing the mission entrusted to them, whatever the constraints or difficulties they come across.
When the stakes are high, performance is non-negotiable: achieving the set objective is the agency’s experts’ priority, who know how to call on the best of the team’s expertise to guarantee maximum effectiveness.
Each agency expert makes an effort to transmit, modestly and sincerely, their experience and methods so that each participant in our sessions can take them on board and draw an immediate benefit from them.
The Trusted Agency
The founders

A professional negotiator and expert in crisis management and complex negotiations since 1998, he is also an entrepreneur, the author of over 25 books and a philanthropist. A former RAID negotiating officer and graduate of the FBI National Academy, he is regularly cited by the international press as being one of the world’s top negotiators. In 2008, he created the PACIFICAT® complex negotiation framework, published in the reference book Negociator, which will be translated into English in 2021. He is also implementing the HERMIONE© benchmark, the result of more than 25 years’ experience in crisis negotiation. He is now the CEO of the TTA agency and works with his team of experts as a speaker, consultant and trainer for all types of organizations. He teaches Complex Negotiation at HEC Paris. He founded the association Don de Confiance in 2021.

A graduate of the Jean Monnet University of Medicine and the Grande Ecole de Management in Grenoble, Stéphanie Furtos worked for nearly 20 years in marketing and sales for an international pharmaceutical group. Today, she is in charge of Marketing and Media Communications at TTA. She also assists the agency’s clients in designing training programs, internal events and customized programs on negotiation, leadership, trust and collective agility.


A professional negotiator and expert in crisis management and complex negotiations since 1998, he is also an entrepreneur, the author of over 25 books and a philanthropist. A former RAID negotiating officer and graduate of the FBI National Academy, he is regularly cited by the international press as being one of the world’s top negotiators. In 2008, he created the complex negotiation benchmark PACIFICAT® published in the Negotiator reference book, translated into English in 2021 and then HERMIONE©. He is now the CEO of the TTA agency and works with his team of experts as a speaker, consultant and trainer for all types of organizations. He teaches Complex Negotiation at HEC Paris. He founded the association Don de Confiance in 2021.
Working in the GIPN and RAID in various senior operational and management positions for over 30 years, François Elbahri has worked in the fields of intervention, intelligence and negotiation in crisis situations. Alongside Laurent Combalbert since the creation of TTA, he works with companies on negotiation, management in complex environments and collective agility. He also trains doctors in doctor/patient negotiations.
An international police negotiator, polyglot and EUROPOL expert in kidnapping and extortion, Malick Baulet is also specialized in the field of air hijacking. He trained in Canada, then at Scotland Yard and has carried out many missions throughout the world. He directed the Geneva hostage negotiation and capture group for many years. He gives talks on negotiation, collective agility, emotional management and decision making under pressure. Passionate about the seventh art, he has appeared in several films and series, notably on Netflix.
A police officer, former top-ranking official in French intelligence service, a graduate of the FBI academy in negotiation and crisis management, Yann Giraud is a specialist in the acquisition of high value-added intelligence and influence. He joined the TTA agency in 2022 to share his expertise with companies on the subjects of leadership in crisis situations and recruitment. A member of the HERMIONE NGO for crisis negotiators, he also gives talks on negotiation and the extraction of high value-added information.
A mission leader on the Rafale Marine and a combat pilot on aircraft carriers, Vincent is a recognised leader in French naval aviation. Today, he is a trainer and speaker on a wide range of subjects directly related to his profession, including leadership, cooperation, trust, cognitive load management and the debriefing culture. He is the author of the book “Les 6 piliers de la coopération”, published by Editions Dunod.
This expert and professional trainer has had an atypical and inspiring career path. He has accompanied more than 1,000 men and women in the public and private sectors in sports and in the arts. A crisis negotiator and mediator, he intervenes through his training sessions and conferences on the prevention and pacification of extreme conflict situations and in the management of stress and emotions and on surpassing oneself. As a member of the HERMIONE NGO for crisis negotiators, he also gives talks on negotiation and the creation of trusted relationships.



Graduated in neuroscience, Elise specializes in pain management. She underwent about ten years of training in China, where she defended her thesis in Chinese medicine. In 2012, during the civil war in Syria, she founded the NGO Elisecare, which provides emergency medical and psychological assistance to civilian populations who have survived conflicts. Since then, the NGO has expanded its activities to 6 countries: Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Armenia, Lebanon, Ukraine. In 2015, Elisecare was recognized as a public utility. A leader in her approach, Elise now imparts the methods that allowed her to unite people around her and engage them in a common mission regardless of the circumstances.

Timothy Mirthil began his career as a reporter for 15 years. As a specialist in the French-speaking world, he traveled to these places and produced hundreds of reports, sometimes in high-intensity situations. In parallel to this professional career, he became an instructor of the Ethos Flow© method specializing in managing emotions through breathing, and was initiated to a series of practices mixing extreme cold and intense stress management. In 2021, he joined TTA – The Trusted Agency to train leaders, managers or team leaders to manage crisis or high-intensity situations more effectively.
Le Callonnec
Eric Le Callonnec was a general in the Gendarmerie. He is a graduate of the Saint-Cyr military academy and the FBI National Academy. He recently retired from active duty after nearly 40 years in service. During his numerous command missions in crisis situations, he put his spirit of responsibility, sense of humanity and of collective work into practice. Working to pass on his knowledge, he has taken on work as a trainer, a director of establishment and has conceived high-level training programs in management and leadership. He joined the TTA agency in 2022 to share his expertise with companies.

Salva Badillo is an ex-policeman. Sixth DAN in Aikido, former head of police training at the Diputación de Barcelona (Public Office of the Government). He trained special forces and police sections at the UAB (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) in tactical combat and negotiation. He has worked as a negotiator in the private sector on various crisis situations and complex negotiations. He has also trained managers and leaders in negotiation, extreme crisis situations, stress management based on neurobiology, leadership and relational intelligence. Salva joins TTA as an expert to transmit his expertise in Spanish-speaking countries.


Damien Deluz is an expert in crisis management in France and abroad. From training police officers deployed abroad to providing support to firefighters, he has been involved in event management (natural disasters, attacks, kidnappings) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Crisis Center in support of our embassies. As a psychologist, he helped manage the attacks in Paris, Nice and Strasbourg. As an advisor to French diplomats on missions to high-risk countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc.) on high-intensity team management, he is also involved in training senior Ministry of the Interior staff in crisis management, decision-making and cognitive bias management.

Former RAID negotiator, Juan Pirondeau spent more than 15 years in this elite unit through different operational functions, from crisis negotiation to negotiator training. He has also accompanied and trained various state and private organisations in the fields of crisis management and negotiation, in France and abroad. A former top-level triathlete, he is an expert in stress management and mental preparation.



Bertrand is a crisis negotiator and an expert in high-intensity missions. He is a professional in the field, having worked as a fireman, trainer, intelligence analyst and source manager, before becoming a specialist investigator for minors and a regional negotiator in 2017. A member of the NGO HERMIONE and Crisis Negotiators, he joined the TTA team to pass on his crisis negotiation expertise to the business world and prepare teams to manage high-intensity situations.



Scott Walker is one of the world’s most experienced kidnap for ransom negotiators, having helped resolve over 300 cases and other similar crises such as piracy and cyber extortion attacks.  He spent 16 years as a Scotland Yard detective as well as deploying overseas on behalf of UK Military Intelligence engaged in covert intelligence gathering and interrogation operations. Since leaving the police, he continues to support organisations, government departments and private individuals in negotiating the release of hostages all over the world. His book, Order Out of Chaos provides a new approach to succeeding in negotiations where failure is not an option. 

Entrepreneur and trainer with an atypical background, Joris Barbier benefits from 20 years of experience in the management of high-intensity situations within the national police force, in intervention units in hostile environments, in the field of confidential information extraction and in cyber security. With a degree in cyber-attack-cyber-defence and trained in the management of complex profiles, Joris is a specialist in human research in the field of new technologies. In 2023, he joined the TTA agency to train leaders and managers to improve their skills in the field of high-intensity ethical negotiation in the Indian Ocean region.
A junior motocross world champion, Axel Alletru had a serious fall in the world championships in 2010. Paraplegic, the doctors predicted that he would never walk again. Through hard work, determination and his mental strength, he has reached the podium in various disciplines. He even went as far as participating in the 2020 Dakar Rally where he managed to place 1st in his category ahead of able-bodied drivers. He is a high level sportsman, pilot and lecturer. He gives talks on resilience, mental strength, adaptation to a hostile environment and the management of uncertainty.
Alexandre Aranda is a neurologist with a degree in Sleep and Vigilance Medicine as well as in Aeronautical and Aerospace Medicine. Committed to e-Health and the concept of “Value-Based Medicine”, he develops expertise and coaching projects in the medical and wellness fields. He integrates effective and recognized cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques into his daily environment. He gives talks about performance under pressure, commitment over time, the prerequisites of knowledge and the practice of cognition and chronobiology.
A former fighter pilot who has flown numerous missions in conflict zones, Virginie Guyot became the first woman to join the Patrouille de France and remains to this day the only woman in the world to have led a national aerobatic patrol. A speaker since 2010, she gives more than 100 conferences a year and speaks on trust, collective agility, leadership in extreme situations and risk management.
Rear Admiral (2S), former commander of the Force Maritime des Fusiliers Marins and the Commandos (ALFUSCO), former commander of Commando Hubert, François Rebour directed operational planning for joint operations (CPOIA). He gives talks on strategy, decision-making in complex environments and negotiation.
Hanane Carmoun is a financial professional and an expert in business relations. She was sales and marketing manager in companies specialized in Socially Responsible Investment as well as in international groups for more than 10 years. Her multidisciplinary profile mean that she is able to integrate the latest advances in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience into her negotiation practice. Founder of Brain Me Up Consulting, she joined TTA as an expert on ethical and responsible negotiation in the field of finance.
After several years working with French politicians and foreign heads of state and governments, Stéphane Volant spent more than 15 years as a senior executive in a CAC 40 group and on the executive committee of a French public company. He now chairs or sits on the boards of several leading companies. He is therefore very familiar with complex negotiations with demanding partners (clients, unions, public decision-makers, etc.), the management of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams (executive committees, project groups, etc.) and knows how to take time and give meaning to negotiations.
Former Director of Air France Flight Crew Training and then Director of Flight Attendants, Catherine Betsch was the Director of “La Première” at Air France. With her teams, she created the “La Première Suites” on board Air France’s 777 aircraft together with her customers. She received the Skytrax Award for the most beautiful La Première salon in the world. Catherine Betsch speaks about women’s confidence and leadership.
A former general officer in the army, Philippe Pontiès commanded the European Union Military Operation in the Central African Republic. He was Director of National Service and Youth at the Ministry of the Armed Forces. He gives talks on strategy, leadership and the management of complex transformations.
The TTA support team

After ten years in the hotel and restaurant business abroad in prestigious establishments and training in accountancy, Julie joined the team as Campus Manager and Administrator. Bilingual, she is responsible for organising training courses with our French and international customers. Her multi-disciplinary skills and warm welcome mean she can coordinate the teams perfectly and organise training courses and conferences as part of a premium, made-to-measure service.

Groupe de masques 340
Responsible for the upkeep of the Campus, Joyce is a willing volunteer and a great listener, ensuring that our guests have the best possible comfort to make their stay a break from the hectic pace of life. Joyce is a keen equestrian who also owns a stable. As a business owner, she knows the responsibilities that this imposes in terms of management and organisation. She works in tandem with Magalie to ensure that the premises are perfectly maintained.
TTA-WEB-EQUIPE_Plan de travail 1 copie

After a career in administration, notably in the town hall in various positions in reception, personal services and management, Magalie joined the team as Campus stage manager. A very generous person, she has always put all her energy into helping others, particularly the most vulnerable. Her main duties at the Campus are to look after our customers from the moment they arrive until they leave, and to ensure that the premises are kept in perfect order.

Groupe de masques 341

Kevin comes from an ESAT and joins the Campus team as Outdoor Manager. He looks after the forest, gardens and organic vegetable patch. After a year of working hand-in-hand with the ESAT team and the TTA team, he joined the Campus on a fully autonomous basis. Always with a smile, he shares his passion for nature and biodiversity with our customers.

Groupe 964

Bastien runs a digital marketing agency that supports opinion leaders and companies who want to increase their influence.

He is an expert in digital strategies, especially in how to develop a strong community. He has demonstrated the impact of his strategies by accumulating over 500,000 subscribers and reaching more than 20 million people each month with his videos. For the past 2 years, he has been working with TTA’s marketing department to promote the agency in France and abroad, as well helping with webinars and live event broadcasting.

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Pierre-Yann is a graphic designer and art director. After obtaining a master’s degree in publishing, he founded the Tind publishing house, editing a dozen books and magazines. In 2015 he founded his graphic design studio, Recto Verso, with which he designed beautiful books, visual communication and web designs, before publishing his own collection of typographic swatches – Typologie. His studio counts the publishers Flammarion, Hachette, Calmann-Lévy and Dupuis among its clients, as well as agencies and brands like Huawei, Dior and Elsevier. He and his team have been responsible for the visual management of TTA since its inception, assisting the marketing department with all of its graphic and artistic matters.

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